The Plant

JustinCredible Cultivation is passionate about cultivating greatness.  Not only will we feature two of the industry greats, Forbidden Fruit & Grandaddy Purple, we will also be producing our very own, exclusive strain, JustinCredible.

JustinCredible is an exclusive JustinCredible Cultivation hybrid strain that offers a fruity but earthy flavor; calming; deeply relaxing without the constant drag of other hybrids; offers an over all euphoric sense of happiness. 



Forbidden Fruit is a hybrid strain that is a perfect mixture of musky, sweet cherry undertones and loud tropical flavors, deeply relaxing and offers relief from minor physical discomforts and stress.

Forbidden Fruit


Granddaddy Purple is an Indica that offers a complex grape + berry aroma with an earthy flavor; dreamy type buzz; combats pain, stress and insomnia as well as appetite loss and muscle spasms.

Granddaddy Purple